Arta Design firm focuses on organizational management, with the help of our professional design team and working with a coherent executive team we have been able to successfully extend our own brand to international markets. 

Arta Design Furniture company is a private international company specializing in the field of interior designing and manufacturing of various residential, office and commercial furniture with the purpose of contemporary-modern designs. Our industry has been producing modern, high quality products in this new-age industry globally. internationally. of the world in the furniture industry, has been started to produce modern and high quality products.

Familiarizing ourselves and using a variety of materials such as wood, stone, metal and leather gives Arta Company the unique feature of being able to process designing and implementing products without any obstacles.Arta Design Company also has an interior design unit with a team of executive experts have been able to provide excellent services to customers and building-construction engineers.

Arta Design Furniture due to advanced equipment and machinery as well as strong and organized set/collection of experienced professionals and international designers in the field of furniture and decoration have a special ability that characterizes this superiority as a guarantee and backing of their activity in this industry.

Arta design furniture uses advanced equipment and machinery with a team of experienced professionals and international designers to produce bespoke furniture and décor. Our designers guarantee their ability to provide their optimum results in this industry.


In the interior design department, at first our team visits the project site and does appropriate measuring where required in regards to the type of project, dimension and space. The design is represented in three dimensional space and displayed to the customer. With the constructing phase of your model design, during every step the customer is notified online to confirm the final product.

The executive department will confirm the estimated construction time, cost of project and final design according to the timetable of client.


Sustainability in production is an integral part of our values, creativity, technology and entrepreneurship of Arta design company. We consider all stages of decision making, planning, production and evaluation of our products. The immense challenge for our company is based on the creation of sustainable ideas in designing and improving living spaces.  Therefore, Arta’s goals are based on providing viable and functional models as well as customer satisfaction by providing quality products that is tailored to consumer’s needs.

  • Design and manufacture of all kinds of furniture and custom furniture
  • Professional team in designing and implementing residential, commercial, retail and restaurant
  • Familiarity using the best brands in the field of fittings, accessories and materials
  • Time management of planning and controlling the project within a specified time
  • Design and implementation of the modern kitchen cabinet systems
  • Design and produce of natural wood and veneer doors
  • Professional wood painting and familiarity with a variety of painting methods